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no. 1, Winter 2021
Race & Empathy
A secular sermon on race, Covid, white supremacy, intersectionality, the limits of empathy, what the real work of change looks like, and how America falls short.
no. 2, Spring 2021
Acrobatic Pigeons
This community of Black men in South Central Los Angeles breed somersaulting pigeons called Birmingham Rollers. Why these men? Why L.A.? Why these birds?
no. 3, Summer 2021
Indigenous Land
Settler colonialism and capitalist food systems destroyed Tulare’s water, land, and communities. Indigenous land management can bring it back.

no. 4, Autumn 2021
The Apocalypse
The Book of Revelation is one of the most theologically and politically fraught, misinterpreted, misused pieces of the Christian Bible. What if we took it out?


A brightly-colored illustration of a retro movie theater popcorn popper, with a bucket full of popcorn
no. 5, Winter 2022
Movies & Popcorn
no. 6, Spring 2022
Medical Fatphobia
Doctors don’t all happen to miss medical school on the day students were taught how not to be cruel to fat people. Fatphobia is healthcare’s status quo. 
no. 7, Summer 2022
no. 8, Autumn 2022