Welcome to your favorite new magazine.

Pipe Wrench is an online magazine — a new issue every other month, made of a longform story surrounded by a constellation of interpretations and reactions and asides in conversation with it. Think of it like a great dinner party: Someone fascinating tells a great story, passionate and thought provoking, and all the other fascinating guests piggyback on it, grabbing onto the bits that resonate with them and spinning the conversation in a dozen directions.

That, but a magazine. Bimonthly for now, monthly as we grow.

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If 250 subscribers sign up by April 1, 2021, Pipe Wrench publishes and stays free for everyone all year — and ideally, permanently.

Possibly you have questions.
Fair! We have answers.

  • What does the name mean? The explanation is on our About page. You’ll love it, we promise.
  • Who’s behind this? A small group of editors and writers who met working at Longreads and want to build something new, and some like-minded partners. Take a peek at our masthead.
  • What is it about? That depends! The core stories can be about anything, as long as they have an interesting narrative and dig into the what and the why. Interrogation, kind but unflinching. Have an idea? We have pitch guidelines.
  • Do you pay? How’s this funded? We’re committed to paying all contributors, and paying well. Right now, this is funded by us. Hopefully, it will soon be funded by you. Explore our values and see if they’re yours, too. 
  • When’s the first issue? That’s an easy one: April 2021.