Michelle Weber, Editor in Chief
Michelle is a former senior editor at Longreads, where writers have said she is “excellent” and “incredible” and “the dabbest hand” and that “you should throw all the money at her.” She lives in Rome, Italy, but still hasn’t mastered time zones, so she’s always two minutes late for meetings. She had a vague idea about a magazine that turned into the concept for Pipe Wrench, so now she gets to be the editor in chief.

Catherine Cusick, Publisher & Director of Sustainability
Catherine is a digital editor and audience strategist based in Austin, Texas. She’s also Pipe Wrench’s co-founder and director of sustainability. She specializes in working across departments and making up situational bridge titles. Catherine used to be head of audience at Longreads, which she also made up. Do you work at a bank? Then she’s the publisher. Are you an attorney? This was all Michelle’s idea, and Catherine has never heard of her.

Danielle Jackson, Editor at Large
Danielle is a Memphis-born writer. Her work has appeared in Bookforum, the New York Times Book Review, the Criterion Channel, Longreads and more. Currently, she’s the managing editor of Oxford American, and a Pipe Wrench editor-at-large, helping assemble great lineups for each issue and being the smartest person we know.

Soraya Roberts, Editor at Large
Soraya is a writer in Toronto, Canada, who’s contributed to the Atlantic, the New York Times Magazine, Hazlitt, The Walrus, and lots of others. She’s the author of In My Humble Opinion: My So-Called Life, and has been a columnist at Longreads and entertainment editor at Time Out Dubai, AOL Canada, and the New York Daily News. Now she’s an editor-at-large here. She has more opinions than anyone else, and remarkably, they’re all correct. 

Matt Giles, Chief of Facts
Matt is a New York-based freelance writer with work in Deadspin, the Washington Post, Inside Hook, Bleacher Report, the New York Times, and Longreads (among other publications). He’s also the most thorough fact checker who has ever been or will be, leaving no nuance unexamined, not even the boring ones, which is why he’s our chief of facts.

Editorial Partners

There are already great, focused publications staffed by talented, passionate people in every niche we could imagine working in. Instead of building another siloed website, we’re looking outward to put together a new kind of masthead made of like-minded partners who co-publish and support one another editorially. To learn more about partnerships, reach out to us at

End of the World Review, books
Shirley Magazine, short and flash fiction
The Statesider, travel 
Publication to Be Named Later Quarterly, sports
Eye on Design, design and illustration
RIP Corp, business
Ice Floe Press, poetry

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