Pipe Wrench-as-a-Service

Edits, get yer edits here.

At Pipe Wrench, we help writers tell the best possible version of their stories in the best possible expression of their voices.

If you want that for your words, we’re here! Editor in Chief Michelle Weber is taking a limited number of editorial clients. Developmental editing, line editing, personal writing coaching, or a combo. On books, essays, articles, proposals, or anything else.

We support all of it, with the writer/editor relationship based on collaboration, communication and support that’s a Pipe Wrench hallmark. Whatever you’re working toward, Michelle would be pleased as punch to help you the way she’s helped others: to book deals, award nominations, anthology inclusions, recognition from curators like Longform and The Sunday Long Read, and story placements. And that’s on top of a piece of writing you feel great about, which is the biggest success.

She helped me bring structure to my ideas, rigor to my arguments, and finality to my conclusions, all without destroying my voice. Even her most demanding edits were respectful of my style. Michelle helped me get where I wanted to go — my Longreads column even landed me a book deal.

Katy Kelleher, author of The Ugly History of Beautiful Things, forthcoming from Simon & Schuster.

Project fees are based on the length of your work and/or type of editorial support you need, and are calculated using the same $75/hour rate we use with our Barter Members (with a reduced rate for members or past Pipe Wrench contributors!). And since you’re paying Pipe Wrench, your payments go right back into the magazine, moving us toward sustainability and helping us continue to pay fair wages to the creators we publish.

Want to talk? Tell us what you need, and we’ll see how we can help.

* We're always kind!

Michelle is like a doula for stories.

Shanna Tiayon, author of June’s feature story, “If We Can Soar,”
currently represented by the Waxman Literary Agency.