I Wore a Mask Without Complaint or Self-hatred

A very boring, non-click baity op-ed.

Earlier today, I left my home to run a series of errands. Despite the fact that masks are no longer required outdoors where I live, I wore a mask while leaving my building and walking to the store.

Inside the store, all the other shoppers and the staff were wearing masks, and no employees had to monitor the store full of adult humans to ensure that we were wearing our legally required, known-to-be-effective masks.

I then kept my mask on for the walk home, although I do admit that I removed it once my key was in the lock but a second or two before I had fully opened my front door and entered my apartment.

I do not enjoy wearing a mask. Although it’s been more than two years, I have not become accustomed to them. Despite these facts, I regularly manage to contain my minor annoyance, engage in activities without seething, and wear masks in public even in situations where there is no legal mandate. I will continue to wear a mask when leaving the house, because my wish for the pandemic to be over does not make it so and because I am not the only person of value in the universe.

A Person Who Lives in a Society

* * *

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