Oh right, we have a blog.

It’s a new year, a new issue is coming, and and it’s time for some new approaches.

We’re in the thick of putting Issue Five together — no spoilers, although we will tell you that it’s very buttery — but while you’re waiting, here are some more concrete things you can look forward to from Pipe Wrench 2022: The Tightening.

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That Friend of Yours, You Know the One

If you already know how a conversation ends, you’re giving a lecture or watching a rerun.

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When we say that reading an issue of Pipe Wrench should be like being at a great dinner party, that’s a deliberate description, not a glib tagline. Conversation isn’t planned, or linear. We carry our own experiences and sets of knowledge and opinions and moods into every conversation, and all of that influences what we respond to and how. Although every issue of Pipe Wrench centers on one core story, we’re not a thematic magazine.

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