Oh right, we have a blog.

It’s a new year, a new issue is coming, and and it’s time for some new approaches.

We’re in the thick of putting Issue Five together — no spoilers, although we will tell you that it’s very buttery — but while you’re waiting, here are some more concrete things you can look forward to from Pipe Wrench 2022: The Tightening.

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Native Land Search: A Free Plugin for WordPress Sites

Those of us who live in the Americas and Oceania are almost certainly living on Native and Indigenous homelands. Those of us who are not ourselves Native or Indigenous probably have little idea whose. Knowing who lost their homes and lives in the creation of the countries we now call home has always been crucial, and only becomes more critical as the ongoing impact of violent colonization and severity of the climate crisis become clearer and clearer.

Native Land Digital maintains extensive maps of Native and Indigenous homelands and communities worldwide. Now WordPress sites can embed a search tool using their data into any post or page with a free plugin.

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