Oh right, we have a blog.

It’s a new year, a new issue is coming, and and it’s time for some new approaches.

We’re in the thick of putting Issue Five together — no spoilers, although we will tell you that it’s very buttery — but while you’re waiting, here are some more concrete things you can look forward to from Pipe Wrench 2022: The Tightening.

  • A blog! We miss you in between issues and have more to share, from reading and playlists to highlights from our editorial partners to reader responses to stories. Look for (usually) weekly blog posts, to keep the conversations going.
  • A new timeline! Speaking of between issues, we’re moving from a every-other-month schedule to a quarterly one. Look for 2022 issues in January/Winter, April/Spring, July/Summer, and October/Fall. For financial reasons (i.e., we can’t afford to commission enough big features simultaneously) and logistical reasons (i.e., our remarkably wee staff), switching to quarterly ensures that we can bring you the bigger, deeper issues we’ve always wanted to publish.
  • Bigger, better issues! The features and conversation pieces you expect from Pipe Wrench are unchanged. Along with them, each issue will now feature pieces from our three new columnists — Sara Benincasa, Soraya Roberts, and Breai Mason-Campbell, who we’ll introduce more thoroughly next week — along with lighter ephemera like fun finds, super-short pieces, and related links. We’re building your 3AM Google search rabbit hole right into each issue.
  • Tax deductions! For you, not us. The IRS has officially determined that we serve a public good, and Pipe Wrench Media LLC is now Pipe Wrench Literary Inc, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. And that means that from this day forward, your memberships and contributions are tax deductible in the U.S.

We’ll see you next week with Issue Five and a spandy updated home page that (we hope) will make it easier for you to dig into more stories. And butter, did we mention the butter?

a black-and-white drawing of a pipe wrench