Here, have seconds.

Because our contributors put out great things in other places, and we don’t expect you to wait until April to read things again.

Here’s some of what they’ve loosed upon the world lately:

Anna Sulan Masing (issue three’s “From the River Where the Present Tries to Talk to the Past”) cofounded a magazine of her own last year, the second (beautiful) issue is now available with the third dropping in May, and it’s about one of the very best things a magazine can be about: Cheese.

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Books for Giving to Very Specific People

If you’re a fan of Pipe Wrench, chances are pretty good that you’re that person who always gives books as gifts. And with good reason: reading is the best. Books transport, they teach, they inspire, they move. And you can never have too many, because you can always use them to construct end tables or fill non-working fireplaces.

For ease of gift-selecting, collected here are all the books recommended in Pipe Wrench this year along with books written by Pipe Wrench contributors, organized by gift-ee appropriateness. Is there something for everyone on this list? Probably not; we can’t keep track of everyone’s kooky interests. But for the right person, there’s something perfect.

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